Chas. Ben. Darwin, Ordinances of the City of Burlington, with Head Notes and an Analytic Index Page 72-73, Image 72-73 (1856) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1847

Burlington City Ordinances, An Ordinance to Regulate the Storage and Sale of Gunpowder in the City of Burlington, § 1. Be it ordained by the city Council of the city of Burlington, That it shall not be lawful for any merchant, trader, or other person, to retail or deliver gun-powder in said city in the night time, under a fine of five dollars. §2. It shall not be lawful for any such person to keep for sale or other purposes in said city, in his place of business, more than twenty-five pounds of gun-powder at any one time, and then only in a safe canister. § 3. It shall not be lawful for any person whatsoever to store away gun-powder for safe keeping, in any quantity whatever, in any ware-house, dwelling house, cellar, or other building or place, within the limits of said city, unless such house or place shall have first been designated by the city Council of said city and by them approbated as a suitable place for that purpose, and then only so long as the same shall from time to time be deemed suitable by the said city Council. § 4. If any person shall violate any of the provisions of the third section of this ordinance he shall forfeit for the use of the corporation all the gun-powder which the person so violating the same may have on hand, and on conviction thereof, shall also pay a fine of one hundred dollars, and the city Marshal shall seize and remove such powder to a secure place and dispose of it by sale, and pay the proceeds, reserving costs and charges, into the city treasury.

The discrepancy between the year that the law is cataloged under and the year provided parenthetically in the title is due to the fact that the book itself was published in 1856, while the law was passed in 1847.