Clement Comer Clay, Digest of the Laws of Alabama: Containing all the Statutes of a Public and General Nature, in Force at the Close of the Session of The General Assembly, in February, 1843. To Which are Prefixed, the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution of the United States; the Act to Enable the People of Alabama to Form a Constitution and State Government, &c.; and the Constitution of the State of Alabama Page 416, Image 460 (1843) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1843

Penal Code - Offences Against the Person, §31. If any person shall assault and beat another with a cowhide, stick or whip, and shall, at the same time, have in his possession a pistol or other deadly weapon, with the intent to intimidate and prevent the person so beaten from defending himself, such person shall, on conviction, be sentenced to imprisonment in the penitentiary, for a term not less than two nor more than twenty years.