Documents Relative To The Colonial History Of The State Of New-York Page 254-255, Image 274-275 (1855) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

A letter from Governor Clinton to the Lords of Trade. . . . I have taken every other precaution in my power to guard against my surprise by sending circular orders to the respective Colonels of Militia and to the Captains of his Majesty’s Companies posted in this province to inspect the Arms and Accoutrements of their men, and see that they are in good order and fit for immediate service, and that as often as conveniently may be they do exercise the men in arms keeping strict discipline, whereby they may be able not only to repel the French Forces , if this Province should be attacked by them, but to be also in condition if necessary, to attack them, pursuant to Mr. Stones letter to me of 3rd September last by order of their Excellency’s the Lords Justices, for which end I have issued the enclosed proclamation to forbid the exportation of gun powder, or the applying the French with any kind of provisions warlike stores, or merchandise.