Egbert Jamieson, The Municipal Code of Chicago: Comprising the Laws of Illinois Relating to the City of Chicago, and the Ordinances of the City Council; Codified and Revised Page 301-304, Image 309-312 (1881) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Ordinances of Chicago, § 1264. No person shall keep, sell or give away any gunpowder or gun-cotton in any quantity, without permission in writing, signed by the mayor and city clerk, and sealed with the corporate seal, under a penalty of twenty-five dollars for every offense: Provided, any person may keep for his own use a quantity of gunpowder or guncotton not exceeding one pound. . . § 1271. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to carry or convey any gunpowder or guncotton (exceeding fifty pounds in quantity) through any street, alley, highway or road in the city, or within one miles of the limits thereof, in any cart, carriage, wagon, dray or wheelbarrow, or otherwise, unless the said gunpowder or guncotton be secured in tight cases or kegs well headed and hooped, and put into and entirely covered with a good tight and substantial leather bag sufficient to prevent the same from being spilled or scattered or unless the same is put into a well covered and perfectly water tight box, the bottom and sides which shall be completely covered with zinc, or unless such gunpowder or guncotton be secured in water tight patent metallic cases or kegs. . . § 1275. Any person or persons, corporation or corporations, violating any of the provisions of sections (storage, manufacturing and sale §§) shall be subject to a fine of not less than fifty dollars, and not exceeding two hundred dollars, for each and every offense, and each and every day that gunpowder or guncotton shall be kept in any place contrary to any provision of this article shall constitute a violation thereof. § 1276. No vessel laden in whole or in part with gunpowder or guncotton shall land or make fast to any dock or wharf upon the Chicago river, or either branch thereof between the south line of the school section and Chicago avenue, or discharge such gunpowder or guncotton within said limits. If any master or owner of any vessel or other person shall violate any provision of this section he shall be subject to a fine of not less than twenty dollars, and not exceeding one hundred dollars.