Evening Gun, no. 251 at 89, NEW ORLEANS, LAWS AND GEN. ORDINANCES (1857 E. C. Wharton).


    No. 251.   That the captains of police of the first, second, third and fourth districts be, and are hereby, instructed to purchase the powder necessary for firing the evening guns in said districts, and present the vouchers for the same, after they have been approved by the chief of police, and it shall be the duty of the said captains to detail a member of the police force of each of said districts to fire the said evening guns, without extra compensation."

Full Text: 1857, LA, New Orleans, Laws & Ordinances, no. 251

Henry Jefferson Leovy, ed., The Laws and General Ordinances of the City of New Orleans: Together With the Acts of the Legislature, Decisions of the Supreme Court and Constitutional Provisions Relating to the City Government (New Orleans, LA: E. C. Wharton, 1857), 89. (Undated.)

* The text includes a reference at the bottom: "City Ordinance, No. 292."