Geoffrey Andrew Holmes, Compiled Ordinances of the City of Council Bluffs, and Containing the Statutes Applicable to Cities of the First-Class, Organized under the Laws of Iowa Page 168-169, Image 171-172 (1887) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1887

Ordinances, City of Council Bluffs, Shooting Gallery, § 5. No person shall carry on or take part in carrying on any pistol gallery or shooting gallery without license therefor from said city, and the charge for such license shall be ten dollars per month, or fifty dollars per annum. §6. No licensee or his employee, or any person in charge of any pin alley, ball alley, pistol gallery or shooting gallery, shall at any time, without gain or profit, permit or allow any minor to be or remain in or about the same to play thereat, under penalty of the same fine and forfeiture as set forth in section 2 of this chapter.