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George Poindexter, The Revised Code of the Laws of Mississippi: In Which are Comprised All Such Acts of the General Assembly, of a Public Nature, as were in Force at the End of the Year 1823: with a General Index Page 608, Image 612 (1824) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.





Summary of Private and Local Acts[, Port Gibson] . . . . Said president and selectmen may pass ordinances to regulate the keeping, carting and transporting gunpowder, or other combustible or dangerous materials, and, the use of lights in stables, to remove or prevent the construction of any fireplace, hearth or chimney, stoves, ovens, boilers, kettles or apparatus used in any house, building, manufactory or business which may be dangerous in causing or promoting fires; to appoint one or more officers, at reasonable times, to enter into and examine all dwelling houses, lots, yards and buildings, in order to discover whether any of them are in a dangerous state. . .