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Haywood, A Manual of the Laws of North-Carolina pt. 2 at 40 (1814) (N.C. constable oath).




You shall swear that you will well and truly serve the State of North Carolina in the office of a constable, you shall see and cause the peace of the State to be well and duly preserved and kept according to your power, you shall arrest all such persons as in your sight shall right or go armed offensively, or shall commit or make any riot, affray or other breach of the peace; you shall do your best endeavor, upon complaint to you made, to apprehend all felons, and rioters, or persons riotously assembled; and if any such offender shall make resistance with force, you shall make hue and cry, and shall pursue them according to law: You shall faithfully, and without delay, execute and return all lawful precepts to you directed: You shall well and duly, according to your knowledge, power and ability, do and execute all other things belonging to the office of a constable, so long as you shall continue in this office. So help you God.