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John. A Haywood, Manual of the Laws of North-Carolina, Arranged under Distinct Heads in Alphabetical Order. With References from One Head to Another, When a Subject is Mentioned in Any Other Part of the Book Than under the Distinct Where It is Placed Page 178, Image 186 (1801) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




Hunting. 1768. § 2. From and after the First day of January next, no person whatever (masters excepted) not having a freehold of one hundred acres of land within this province, or tending ten thousand corn hills, at least five feet distance each, shall hunt or kill deer, under the penalty of ten pounds proclamation money for every offence; and moreover shall forfeit his gun, or have the value thereof; to be recovered by action of debt, bill, plaint or information, by any person who will prosecute for the same, wherein, upon conviction, over and above the said penalty and forfeiture as aforesaid, the defendant shall be committed to jail by order of the court, there to remain, without bail or mainprize for one month. § 5. Nothing herein shall bar or hinder an overseer of a slave or slaves from hunting and killing deer with a gun, on his employer’s lands, or the wastelands of the public, within five miles of the residence of such overseer.