John C. Lowber, Ordinances of the Corporation of the City of Philadelphia; to Which are Prefixed, the Original Charter, the Act of Incorporation, and Other Acts of Assembly Relating to the City; with an Appendix, Containing the Regulation of the Bank of the River Delaware, the Portraiture of the City, as Originally Laid Out by the Proprietor, &c. &c. Page 15-16, Image 18-19 (1812) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1721

[An Act for Preventing Accidents that may Happen by Fire, § IV. And whereas much mischief may happen by shooting of guns, throwing casting and firing of squibs, serpents, rockets, and other fire-works, within the city of Philadelphia, if not speedily prevented: Be it therefore enacted, That if any person or persons, of what sex, age, degree or quality soever, from and after publication hereof, shall fire any gun or other fire-arms, or shall make, or cause to be made, or sell or utter, or offer to expose to sale, any squibs, rockets or other fire works, or shall cast, throw or or fire, any squibs, rockets, or other fire works, within the city of Philadelphia, without the governor’s special license for the same, of which license due notice shall first be given to the mayor of the said city, such person or persons so offending, and being thereof convicted before any one justice of the peace of the said city, either by confession of the party so offending, or by the view of any of the said justices, or by the oath or affirmation of one or more witnesses, shall for every such offence forfeit and pay the sum of five shillings; one half to the use of the poor of the said city, and the other half to the use of him or them who shall prosecute, and cause such offender to be as aforesaid convicted; which forfeitures shall be levied by distress and sale of the offenders goods as aforesaid; and for want of such distress, if the offender refuse to pay the said forfeiture, he shall be committed to prison, for every such offence the space of two days without bail or main-prize; Provided, that such conviction be made within ten days after such offence committed [ and if such offender be a negro or Indian slave, he shall instead of imprisonment be publically whipped, at the discretion of the magistrate.]