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John C. McCombs, Charter of the City of Allegheny, A Collection of Special Acts of Assembly and Ordinances of the City, Appropriately Indexed : Also, an Appendix Containing the Various Acts of Assembly, Incorporating the Borough, Town and City of Allegheny, In Operation Previous to 1870, and Such Other Acts of Assembly and Ordinances, That may be of General Interest to Citizens Page 141, Image 141 (1870) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




[Ordinances of the City of Allegheny, Fire Arms, Fire and Squibs, § 1. Any person who shall fire off, or discharge any gun, pistol, fowling piece, or other fire-arms, within the limits of the city of Allegheny, unless the same be in defense of person or property, shall forfeit and pay a fine of not less than $1.00 nor more than $4.00, upon conviction.]