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John Lellyett, Ordinances of the City of Nashville, of a Public Nature, in Force August 1st, 1872. To Which is Prefixed a Compilation of the State Laws Chartering and Relating to the City and Other Laws Relating to City Corporations in General and with an Appendix, Containing Rules of the City Council, and an Historical Record of the Chief Officers of the City, From its Incorporation in 1871, Inclusive Page 244, image 283 (1872) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.



Ordinances of the City of Nashville, Active Nuisances, § 9. That it shall not be lawful for any person to use what is commonly called or known as a sling gun, or spring shot, made from India rubber, or other elastic substances, attached to a forked stick, or other brace, to throw or shoot pebbles, gravel, shot, bullets, or other hard substances, or to use a bow and arrow, within the corporate limits of Nashville. And the using of any such instrument or apparatus aforesaid, or having the same in his or her possession, shall be a misdemeanor; and such person or persons shall be liable to arrest and upon conviction, fined not less than two, nor more than fifty dollars, for each and every offense.