Lawrence McCully, Compiled Laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom Page 86-87, Image 93 (1884) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1884

Of the Safe Keeping of Gunpowder, § 354. The Minister of the Interior may make such regulations for the storing, keeping and transportation of gunpowder, in any town of the kingdom, as he may think the public safety requires; and no person shall store, keep, or transport any gunpowder, in any other quantity or manner than is prescribed in such regulations. § 355. Whoever shall violate any such regulations, shall be fined for each offense, not less than twenty, nor more than one hundred dollars. § 356. All gunpowder introduced into, or kept in any town contrary to said regulations, may be seized by any sheriff, or any other officer of police, and the same shall be forfeited for the benefit of the public treasury. § 357. Any person injured by the explosion of any gunpowder, in the possession of any person contrary to the regulations prescribed by the Minister of the Interior, may have an action for damages against the person having custody or possession of the same, at the time of the explosion, or against the owner of the same, if cognizant of such neglect. § 358. All sheriffs, and other officers of police, shall have authority to enter any building, or place, to search for gunpowder supposed to be concealed there contrary to law; and any Police or District Justice, may grant a search warrant for that purpose. § 359. No regulations for the safe keeping of gunpowder shall take effect until they have been published three weeks successively in some newspaper in the town, or by posting up attested copies of them in three conspicuous places in such town.