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Laws And Ordinances Of New Netherland 1638-1674 Page 138, image 170 (1868) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




[Ordinances of New Amsterdam,] Ordinance of the Director and Council of New Netherland against Firing at Partridges or other Game within the Limits of New Amsterdam. Whereas, many guns are daily discharged and fired at Partridges and other game within the jurisdiction of this city New Amsterdam and in the vicinity of the Fort, by which firing People or Cattle might perhaps be struck and injured, against which practice complaints have already been made, Therefore the Honorable Director General and Council, in order to prevent accidents, expressly forbid and interdict all persons henceforward firing within the jurisdiction of this city or about the Fort, with any guns at Partridges or other Game that may by chance fly within the city, on pain of forfeiting the gun and a fine at the discretion of the Judge, to be applied one-third to the Poor, one-third to the Church and one-third to the Officer.