Merritt Starr & Russell H. Curtis, Annotated Statutes of the State of Illinois in Force (1885), Criminal Code Ch. 38, para. 90.

  • Year:
  • 1885

All persons dealing in deadly weapons, hereinbefore mentioned, at retail within this State shall keep a register of all such weapons sold or given away by them. Such register shall contain the date of the sale or gift, the name and age of the person to whom the weapon is sold or given, the price of the said weapon, and the purpose for which it is purchased or obtained. The said register shall be in the following form. [Form of Register] Said register is to be kept open for inspection of the public, and all persons who may wish to examine the same may do so at all reasonable times during business hours. A failure to keep such register, or to allow an examination of the same, or to record therein any sale or gift of a deadly weapon, or the keeping of a false register, shall be a misdemeanor, and shall subject the offender to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars ($25) nor more than two hundred dollars ($200).