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Militia, in Henry S. Geyer, Digest of the Laws of Missouri Territory, at 281 (1818).




Each militia man shall provide himself, with-in one month from the date of his enrollment with a good musket, a sufficient bayonet and belt, or a fusil, two spare flints, a knapsack and pouch with a box there-in to contain twentyfour cartridges suited to the bore of his musket or fusil, each cartridge to contain a pro-per quantity of powder and ball: or a good rifle, knap-sack, pouch and powder horn with twenty balls suited to the bore of his rifle, and a quarter of a pound of powe-der. Every enrolled person shall appear so armed, ac-toutred and provided when called out to muster or into service; except that it shall not be necessary to appear on the parade with knapsacks when called out for ex-ercise only. The commissioned officers of infantry when on duty for parade, exercise, inspection or service shall wear the uniform of the United States, and be severally armed with a sword or hanger; and the pla-toon officers. in addition to the sword or hanger, shall also be provided with an espontoon. And every officer ‘whose duty requires him to be mounted shall be armed with a sword or hanger and a pair of pistols. Every person so providing himself with arms, ammunition and accoutrements required as aforesaid shall hold the same exempt of suits, distresses, executions or sales for debt or damages or for the payment of taxes.