New Advertisements, THE LOS ANGELES TRI-WEEKLY NEWS, Jul. 22, 1865, at 2 (Los Angeles, California).

  • Year:
  • 1865



The Mayor and Common Council of Los Angeles City do ordain as follows:

    Sec. 1.—In future, no persons, except peace officers and persons actually traveling, and immediately passing through Los Angeles city, shall wear or carry any dirk, pistol, sword in a cane, slung shot, or other dangerous or deadly weapons, concealed or otherwise, within the corporate limits of said city, under a penalty of not more than one hundred dollars fine, and imprisonment at the discretion of the Mayor, not exceeding ten days.

    Sec. 2.—It is hereby made the duty of each police officer of this city when any stranger shall come within said corporate limits wearing or carrying weapons, to as soon as possible give them information and warning of this Ordinance, and in case they refuse or decline to obey such warning, by depositing their weapons in a place of safety, to complain of them immediately, under the first section of this Ordinance.

    Sec. 3.—This Ordinance shall go into effect immediately after its passage...

...Revised Ordinance, City of Los Angel­es; Article 5:
    Sec. 2.—No person or persons shall fire any pistol, gun or rifle, or other description of fire arms, or discharge any air gun whatever in any street within the fire limits of the city, under a penalty of five dollars for the first offence; ten dollars for the second offence; and for the third offence not more than fifty dollars, and imprisonment at the discretion of the Mayor, not exceeding ten days."*

Full Text (From 1865, LA, Los Angeles Tri-Weekly News, Jul. 22, 1865

*A Spanish language version of the same law is printed directly beneath this version. 

"New Advertisements." Los Angeles Tri-Weekly News, July 22, 1865, p. 2. Unnamed Ordinance, §§ 1-3, &  Unnamed Revised Ordinance, Article 5, § 2. Passed July 17, 1856. Volume 13, Number 12. (Los Angeles).