Ordinance no. 12, § 2, & Ordinance no. 25, OXFORD EAGLE, Jul. 7, 1898, at 2 (Oxford, Mississippi).

  • Year:
  • 1898

"...An Ordinance of the town of Oxford declaring certain offences, committed within the limits of the town to be misdemeanors, and providing a penalty against those who are guilty of them.

12 Be it ordained, by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the town of Oxford that the following offences committed within the limits of the corporation of the town of Oxford, are, and are hereby declared to be misdemeanors...

...§2 Exhibiting deadly weapons in a rude, angry or threatening manner, and not in necessary self defense.

    Same—Carrying Concealed weapons...

...An Ordinance of the town of Ox­ford, providing a penalty against the Marshal or night-watch, for failure to report and prosecute offenders against any of the ordinances of the town. 

25 Be it ordained by the Mayor, and Board of Aldermen of the town of  Oxford, that the Marshal and night-watch of the town are hereby required to be on the lokoout for violations of the town ordinances, and to be prompt and impartial in re­porting and prosecution of same and if they or either of them fail or refuse to report, arrest, and bring to trial any one who has violated any ordinance of the town, having notice of such violation shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction before the Mayor shall be punished by a fine in the sum of $25.00 with all costs of his conviction, and shall stand com­mitted to jail until the same is paid.
    All of the foregoing ordinances numbered consecutively from 1 to 25 inclusive, were read and consid­ered by sections at a public meeting of the Mayor and Board of Alder­men held on June 22, 1898, at 3 o’clock, P, M., and the vote on their final passage was taken by yeas and nays, on each ordinance and each section of each ordinance separately, all of them having been previously reduced to writing, and the said votes herein are now entered on the minutes of the Board by the clerk. 

    Yea vote unanimous, D. T. CARTER, B. P. GRAX, W. D. PORTER, E. O. DAVIDSON, F. S. LEAVELL.
    Nay vote."

Full Text (From Oxford Eagle, Jul. 7, 1898

"Ordinances, Town of Oxford, Lafayette County, State of Mississippi." Oxford Eagle, July 7, 1898, p. 2. Ordinance No. 12—An Ordinance of the Town of Oxford Declaring Certain Offences, Committed Within the Limits of the Town to Be Misdemeanors, and Providing a Penalty Against Those Who Are Guilty of Them, § 2; Ordinance No. 25—An Ordinance of the Town of Ox­ford, Providing a Penalty Against the Marshal or Night-Watch, for Failure to Report and Prosecute Offenders Against any of the Ordinances of the Town. Passed June 22, 1898. Volume 22, Number 30.