Ordinance No. 126: An Ordinance Relating to the Carrying of Concealed Weapons, THE VIRGINIA ENTERPRISE, Feb. 9, 1912, at 12 (Virginia, Minnesota).

  • Year:
  • 1912


An Ordinance Relating to the Carrying of Concealed Weapons.


The City Council of the City of Virginia do ordain as follows:
    Section 1. No person shall go armed with a dirk, dagger, sword, pistol, revolver, air-gun, stiletto, metallic knuckles, pocket billie, sand bag, skull cracker, sling shot, razor or other offensive and dangerous weapon or instrument concealed upon his person, within the limits of the City of Virginia. Provided this ordinance shall not apply to public officers of the City of Virginia when on duty, nor to any person whose occupation or business may seem to require the carrying of weapons for protection, and who shall have obtained from the Mayor of said city a license so to do.
    Sec. 2. The Mayor of the City of Virginia may grant to such persons as he may deem proper, a license to carry concealed weapons, which permits shall be issued for a period not to exceed six months, and such permits may be revoked by the Mayor at any time. Applications for such license shall be made to the Mayor in writing, and, when granted, the person applying therefor shall pay to the City Treasurer the sum of One Dollar and thereupon a license shall be issued by the City Clerk and signed by the Mayor, which license shall state the name, age, occupation and residence of the person to whom it is granted, and the date of expiration.
    Sec. 3. Any instrument or weapon duly adjudged by the Municipal Court of said city to have been worn or carried in violation of Section (1) of this ordinance shall be forfeited to the city of Virginia, and shall be so adjudged, and all weapons so forfeited shall be delivered to the Chief of Police and shall be kept by him, and at the first meeting of the City Council after January 1st and July 1st of each year, he shall report to the council a list of all articles so received by him, and the council shall sell or dispose of said property in such manner as the council may determine.
    Sec. 4. Any person violating any provisions in this ordinance shall be punished by a fine of not less than Ten ($10.00) Dollars and not more than One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, or imprisonment in the county jail or the city jail for not to exceed ninety days.
    Sec. 5. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage, approval and publication.

Moved by Alderman E. C. A. Johnson, supported by Alderman Moilan, that the ordinance be adopted.
Ayes: Ald. Weber, Kimball, Moilan. E. C. A. Johnson, Mr. President-5.
Adopted Jan. 30, 1912.

City Clerk.
Presented to the Mayor Jan. 31, 1912.
Returned by the Mayor Feb. 5, 1912.
President of the City Council

Approved Feb. 5, 1912.

Full Text (From The Virginia Enterprise, Feb. 9, 1912

"Ordinance No. 126: An Ordinance Relating to the Carrying of Concealed Weapons." The Virginia Enterprise, Feb. 9, 1912, p. 12. Ordinance 126,  §§ 1-5. Approved February 5, 1912. Volume 20, Number 1. (Virginia, Minnesota).