Ordinance No. 6, THE FRESNO REPUBLICAN, Nov. 5, 1885 at 3.


An ordinan[...] [mis]demeanors in the City of Fresno.

    The Board [...] of the City of Fresno do ordain as follow: 1

   SEC. 5. No person shall discharge firearms of any description or name within the corporate limits of the city except by special permit in writing, obtained for that purpose from the Marshal of said city, which permit shall designate the time and place of firing and the number of discharges authorized, a copy of which permit shall be filed by the person obtaining it with the City Clerk, at least two hours before the time of such firing is authorized. The provisions of this section shall not be construed so as to prohibit any person from shooting destructive animals within or upon his own enclosure. Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed to be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by fine of not less than five dollars nor more than fifty dollars.


SECTION 25. No person except peace officers and travelers shall carry concealed upon his person any pistol or firearm, slungshot, dirk or Bowie knife, or other deadly weapon, without a written permission from the President of the Board of Trustees; provided, said President shall have power to revoke such permission at any time.


    Approved this 5th day of November, 1885.         WM. FAYMONVILLE,


    Attest: W. B. DENNETT, City Clerk.

Full Text: 1885, The Fresno Republican

  1. This section contains torn pages. Where the text can be accurately inferred it has been included in brackets; where there is any doubt or ambiguity, the text has been replaced with an ellipsis within brackets. 

"Ordinance No. 6" The Fresno Weekly Republican, November 7, 1885, p. 3. Volume 10, Number 9.