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Ordinances of Jersey City, Passed By The Board Of Aldermen since May 1, 1871, under the Act Entitled “An Act to Re-organize the Local Government of Jersey City,” Passed March 31, 1871, and the Supplements Thereto Page 46, Image 46 (1874) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




[Ordinances of Jersey City, NJ, In Relation to the Sidewalks, Public Grounds and Streets in Jersey City,] § 26. No person shall, within this city, fire or discharge any gun, pistol, cannon, or fowling piece or other fire-arms, unless in defense of his property or person; nor let off any squibs, crackers or other fireworks, unless by permission of the city authorities, under the penalty of ten dollars for each and every offense; provided, however, that this section of the ordinance shall not apply to the Fourth of July.