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Ordinances of Ogden City, Utah. To Which are Prefixed a List of the City Governments from 1869 to 1881, the Charter of the City and Amendments Page 98, Image 98 (1881) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




Ordinances [of the City of Ogden, Utah], § 38. Any person discharging any gun or pistol within the limits of the city, between the hours of sunset and sunrise, or on the Sabbath day (except in case of necessary defense of self, family or property, or in the case of any civil officer in the discharge of his duty), shall be liable to a fine in any sum not exceeding twenty-five dollars for every such offense. § 39. Any person discharging firearms within the city, without a lawful breastwork for the protection of the citizens, or at any time other than as mentioned in the next preceding section, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding ten dollars for every such offense. § 40. A breastwork or battery for target shooting, to be deemed lawful, shall be a wall eighteen inches thick, six feet high in the back, feet wide, with side wings one foot thick, each extending two feet, increasing flaringly to the front, and six feet high, of adobies, brick or mud, or an equivalent thereto of any other material.