Police Code, or Collection of the Ordinances of Police Made by the City Council of New-Orleans. To Which is Prefixed the Act for Incorporating Said City with the Acts Supplementary Thereto Page 114-116, Image 112-114 (1808) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1808

[Ordinances of the City of New Orleans, An Ordinance for Preventing Fires,] Art. 15. Captains of vessels are obliged, within twenty four hours from their arrival in this port, to deposit the gun-powder they may have on board, in the powder-magazine situate on the right bank of the river, the owner paying to the keeper of the magazine a suitable compensation. All citizens are strictly forbidden to keep in their houses, or elsewhere within the city or suburbs, more than one hundred pounds of gun-powder at a time, and in case of fire, such as live near the place where it is, if they have powder in their houses, shall be obliged to throw into their wells the barrels containing the same. These dispositions must be complied with, under the penalty of a fine, not exceeding fifty dollars, to be levied on every delinquent, who shall moreover be liable to the damage that may result.