Revised Ordinances of the City of Woburn. Revised Woburn, Massachusetts Page 91 Image 91 (1898) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

License to Sell Gunpowder in the City of Woburn. No person shall sell any gunpowder within the city, without such license. Every license shall be in force one year from the date thereof; provided, that any license may be rescinded by the City Council, at their discretion. § 3. Every person so licensed shall keep a sign over and outside of the principal entrance from the street of the building in which the powder is kept, in which shall be printed in capitals the words: “License to keep and sell gunpowder” § 4. The city clerk shall keep a record of all licenses, and of the places designated therein, which places shall not be changed, unless by consent of the City Council, in writing. Every person who receives a license shall sign his name to a copy of the rules prescribed in this chapter, as evidence of his assent thereto. §5. The provisions of the foregoing four sections shall not apply or extend to the keeping or storing of metallic cartridges in fire proof magazines, nor to cartridge manufacturers, so long as they shall keep their powder in canisters, as prescribed in section one, and in fire proof magazines, located and built to the satisfaction of the City Council so long as such manufacturers allow no more than one hundred pounds of gunpowder in any magazine, or five pounds of gunpowder not made into cartrdiges, in any workshop at any one time.