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Salmon Portland Chase, The Statutes of Ohio and of the Northwestern Territory, Adopted or Enacted from 1788 to 1833 inclusive: Together with the Ordinance of 1787; the Constitutions of Ohio and of the United States, and Various Public Instruments and Acts of Congress; Illustrated by a Preliminary Sketch of the History of Ohio; Numerous References and Notes and Copious Indexes Page 106, Image 107 (Vol. 1, 1833) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.



An Act for Suppressing and Prohibiting Every Species of Gaming for Money or Other Property and for making Void all contracts and payments made in consequence thereof, and so for restraining the disorderly practice of discharging fire arms at certain hours and places, § 4. Be it enacted, That if any person shall presume to discharge or fire, or cause to be discharged or fired, any gun or other fire-arms at any mark or object, or upon any pretense whatever, unless he or she at the same time be with such gun or fire-arms at the distance of at least one-quarter of a mile from the nearest building of any such city, town, village or station, such person shall for every such offense, forfeit and pay to the use of the county in which the same shall be committed, a sum not exceeding five dollars, nor less than one dollar. And if any person being within a quarter of a mile of any city, town, village, or station as aforesaid, shall at the same time willfully discharge or fire any gun or fire-arms or cause or procure the same to be discharged or fired, at any time after the setting of the sun and before the rising of the same, he or she so offending, shall in like manner forfeit and pay to the use aforesaid a sum not exceeding five dollars, nor less than one dollar; reserving nevertheless to any person who will inform, and sue for either of the penalties hereinbefore last mentioned within one month from the commission of the offense, a moiety of the penalty which the party offending shall on conviction be adjudged to forfeit and pay, the other moiety thereof to go to the use of the county as aforesaid ; which said several penalties, or either of them, shall be recoverable with costs, before any justice, judge, or court having cognizance of the same.