Selling Weapons to Minors, Art. 3, § 8, in Revised Ordinances of the City of Red Bud (1898).

"SECTION 8.— SELLING WEAPONS TO MINORS. Whoever shall within the limits of this city, by himself, or agent, sell, give, loan, hire or barter or offer to sell, give, loan, hire, or barter to any minor any pistol, revolver, gun, derringer, slung shot, cross knuckles, knuckles of lead, brass or other metal, bowie knife, dirk, dagger or any other dangerous or deadly weapon or thing shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor."

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Fred D. Guker, ed., Revised Ordinances of the City of Red Bud, Randolph Co., Illinois (Red Bud, IL: Seely Pilgrim, 1898), 35. Article 3—Public Safety, §8—Selling Weapons to Minors. Passed March 1, 1898, &  Published March 29, 1898.