Seymour Dwight Thompson, A Compilation of the Statute Laws of the State of Tennessee, of a General and Permanent Nature, Compiled on the Basis of the Code of Tennessee, With Notes and References, Including Acts of Session of 1870-’71 Page 52, Image 721 (Vol. 2, 1873) available at the The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1852

Of Offences Against the Person, [Assault and Battery and Attempt to Commit Crime,] § 4628. If any person assaults and beats another with a cowhide, stick, or whip, having a the time in his possession a pistol or other deadly weapon, with intent to intimidate the person assaulted, and prevent him from defending himself, he shall, on conviction, be imprisoned in the penitentiary not less than two nor more than ten years.