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The By-Laws of the City of New London, with the Statute Laws of the State of Connecticut Relative to Said City Page 47-48, Image 47-48 (1855) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Chapter 26. A ByLaw in relation to the Firing of Guns and Pistols, within the limits of the city of New-London, and making parents and guardians, and masters, liable for breaches of by-laws by minors and apprentices. Be it ordained by the mayor and aldermen, and common council and freemen of the city of New-London, That no gun or pistol shall be fired at any time within the limits of said city, unless on some public day of review, and then by order of the officers of the military companies of said city, or by permission of the mayor, or one of the aldermen of said city; and whosoever shall fire any gun or pistol, contrary to the form and effect of this by-law, shall for every such offence, forfeit and pay the sum of two dollars, to be recovered by due process in any court in said city, proper to try the same. § 2. And whereas the firing of guns and pistols, crackers, or other fire works is most frequently done by apprentices and minors under age, who are unable to pay the forfeiture incurred by the by-law of this city – be it also ordained that where any minor or apprentice shall be guilty of any breach of the by-laws relating to the firing of guns, pistols, crackers, or other fire-works, the parent, guardian, or master of such minor or apprentice, shall be liable to pay the forfeitures incurred by said by-law, and the same shall be recoverable of any parent, guardian or master, by action of debt brought on said by law, before any court in said city proper to try the same. And it shall be the duty of the city attorney and lawful for any other person to prosecute for said penalty; and one-half of said penalty shall go to the informer, or the person prosecuting for the same, and the other half to the use of the city.