The Laws Of Maryland, With The Charter, The Bill Of Rights, The Constitution Of The State, And Its Alterations, The Declaration Of Independence, And The Constitution Of The United States, And Its Amendments Page 465, Image 466 (1811) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1809

If any person shall be apprehended, having upon him or her any picklock, key, crow, jack, bit or other implement, with an intent feloniously to break and enter into any dwelling-house, ware-house, stable or out-house, or shall have upon him or her any pistol, hanger, cutlass, bludgeon, or other offensive weapon, with intent feloniously to assault any person, or shall be found in or upon any dwelling-house, warehouse, stable or out-house, or in any enclosed yard or garden, or area belonging to any house, with an intent to steal any goods or chattels, every such person shall be deemed a rouge and vagabond, and, on being duly convicted thereof, shall be sentenced to undergo a confinement in the said penitentiary for a period of time not less than three months nor more than two years, to be treated as law prescribes.