The Public Records Of The Colony Of Connecticut, Prior To The Union With New Haven Colony, May, 1665 Page 79, Image 91 (1850) available atThe Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

It is ordered, that no man within this Jurisdiction shall directly or indirectly amend, repair, or cause to be amended or repaired, any gun small or great belonging to any Indian, nor shall endure the same, nor shall sell or give to any Indian, directly or indirectly, any such gun or gunpowder, or shot, or lead, or mold, or military weapons, or armor, nor shall make any arrow heads, upon pain of a ten pound fine for every offense at least, nor sell nor barter any guns, powder, bullets or lead, whereby this order might be evaded, to any person inhabiting out of this Jurisdiction, without license of this or the particular court, or some two magistrates, upon pain of ten pound for every gun, five pound for every pound of powder, 40s for every pound of bullets or lead, and so proportionately for any greater or lesser quantity.