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W.B. Hvland, Wilmington City Code. The Ordinances of the City of Wilmington, Delaware. Also, the Original Borough Charter, the Charter of the City of Wilmington, and the Acts of the Legislature, Now in Force Relating to the City Page 689, Image 689 (1885) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




[Wilmington] City Ordinances, § 2. For the purpose of supplying retailers of gunpowder within the City of Wilmington, it shall and may be lawful to introduce the same in kegs, containing not more than twenty-five pounds each, carefully enclosed in good bags, or by putting a sheet of canvas under and around the said kegs, sufficient to prevent the gunpowder from scattering from the said carriage, wagon or other vehicle in which it is conveyed, and no one carriage or other vehicle shall contain, at any one time, more than ten of the above described kegs of gunpowder, and if any gunpowder shall be brought into this city, except in the manner and in the quantity herein set forth, and contrary to the provisions of this ordinance, the person or persons owing the said gunpowder, and the person or persons, so conveying the same shall, for each and every such offense, forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars, one moiety to be paid into the city treasury and the other moiety to the person informing and prosecuting the offender to conviction. Provided, That this section shall not extend to that part of the Christiana river included within the city limits; vessels loaded with powder being free to pass in said river along the city front.