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Citing Blocher’s “Domestic Violence and the Home-Centric Second Amendment,” judge upholds federal rule barring gun possession by people under DV restraining orders

Forthcoming scholarship by Blocher discusses history, reasons for prohibiting gun ownership by those under domestic violence restraining orders

“Manufacturing Outliers” by Blocher and Miller “highly recommended” by Legal Theory Blog

Blocher tells The Washington Post the historical record offers no clear-cut answers on how to regulate guns today

Willinger says online traffic to the Center for Firearms Law’s Repository of Historical Gun Laws has grown fivefold since the Bruen decision

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Blocher tells CBS News “there’s absolutely room” to pass common-sense gun regulations under the most restrictive reading of Bruen

Arnold Ventures announces support for Duke Center for Firearms Law

Arnold Ventures announces support for Duke Center for Firearms Law

Willinger says uncertainty will prevail until some consensus is reached on how to apply Bruen’s historical test to gun regulations

Miller, Blocher leading new firearms law section of Association of American Law Schools

Blocher: State bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines now must meet Bruen’s historical tradition test