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Subject: Militia Regulations

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An Act . . . To prevent the selling or pawning of arms, ammunition, cloathing, and accoutrements, Chapter XII, Sec. 2, in Laws Passed in the Territory of the United States North-West of the River Ohio from the Commencement of the Government to the 31 of December, 1791 (printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine).

| | 1790

"And be it further enacted, That if any person shall pre-sume to bargain for, purchase, or receive in pledge, or as a gift, or cause or procure to be bargained for, purchased, or received in pledge or as a gift, on any pretence whatever, all or any par...

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A Law for regulating and establishing the Militia in the Territory of the United States north-west of the river Ohio, Chapter I(B)(4), in Laws Passed in the Territory of the United States North-West of the River Ohio from the Commencement of the Government to the 31 of December, 1791 (printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine).

| | 1788

"[A]ll male inhabitants of the age of sixteen and upwards, shall be armed, equipped and accoutred in the following manner: With a musket and bayonet, or rifle, cartridge box and pouch, or powder horn and bullet pouch, with forty rounds of cartridges, o...

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AN ACT relating to the arsenals and military stores of Montana Territory, Ch. LXII, in Laws, Memorials, and Resolutions of the Territory of Montana, passed at the Seventh Session of the Legislative Assembly, begun at Virginia City, Monday, December 4, 1871, and Concluded January 12, 1872, at 563.

| | 1872

Sec 1. It shall be the duty of any keeper of the arsenal, military stores, ammunition, arms and ordnance belonging to this territory . . . to report to the governor in writing the amount of such military stores and ammunition, and a list and descriptio...

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Militia, in Henry S. Geyer, Digest of the Laws of Missouri Territory, at 281 (1818).

| | 1818

Each militia man shall provide himself, with-in one month from the date of his enrollment with a good musket, a sufficient bayonet and belt, or a fusil, two spare flints, a knapsack and pouch with a box there-in to contain twentyfour cartridges suited ...

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1877 Mo. Laws 306, An Act To Provide for the Organization and Government of the Militia of the State of Missouri, Repealing All Other Acts and Parts of Acts Inconsistent with This Act, art. IV, § 3.

| | 1877

A soldier who, unnecessarily or without orders from a superior officer, comes to any parade with his firearms loaded with ball, slug or shot, or shall so load the same while on duty, or unnecessarily or without orders from a superior officer, discharge...

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1861 N.C. Sess. Laws 25, Pub. and Priv. Laws, 2d. Extra Sess., Militia Bill, ch. 17, § 10.

| | 1861

Every resident enrolled and notified, as is directed in the third section of this act, shall within one month thereafter, provide himself with a good musket, smooth bore gun or rifle, shot pouch and powder horn, and shall appear so armed and accoutred ...

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The Public Statutes of the State of Minnesota 798 (1859) , Chap. 120 § 1, 8.

| | 1859

Be it enacted by the legislature of the state of Minnesota: That all able-bodied, white male citizens resident of this state, being eighteen years of age, and under the age of forty-five years, excepting persons exempt by law, shall be enrolled in the ...

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1844 R.I. Pub. Laws 501, An Act To Regulate The Militia, §§1, 45

| | 1844

§ 1. Every able bodied white male citizen in this state, who is or shall be of the age of eighteen years, and not exceeding the age of forty-five years, excepting persons absolutely exempted by the provisions of this act, and idiots, lunatics, com...

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1837 Vt. Acts & Resolves 38, An Act for Regulating and Governing the Militia of This State, ch. 9, art. 20.

| | 1837

Every non commissioned officer and private, who shall neglect to keep himself armed and equipped as provided by this act, or who shall, at any time of examination, or any company training, in the month of June, be destitute, or appear unprovided with t...

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1836 Tex. Gen. Laws 54-55, An Act to Provide for the National Defense by Organizing the Militia, § 1.

| | 1836

. . . to enrol [sic] every such citizen as aforesaid, and all those who shall from time to time arrive at the age of seventeen years or being the age of seventeen years and under the age of fifty years . . . That every citizen so enrolled and notified,...

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1836 Ohio Laws 30-31, General Acts vol. 35, An Act to Organize and Discipline the Militia, § 29.

| | 1836

That in every regiment, squadron or battalion the field officers shall each arm himself with a good and sufficient sword and pair of pistols, and furnish himself with a good and sufficient horse, with saddle, bridle, martingale and holsters; and in eac...

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1834 Mo. Laws 536-37, An Act to Organize Govern and Discipline the Militia, ch. 423, art. 11, pt. 5.

| | 1834

Every non-commissioned officer and private, appearing without being armed and equipped as the law directs, at any parade or rendezvous, shall be sentenced to pay the following fines, namely: For want of a sufficient sword and belt, if belonging to the ...

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1821 Tenn. Pub. Acts 63, An Act to Amend the Militia Laws of This State, ch. 55, §§ 2-3.

| | 1821

§ 2. [T]he commissioned and staff officers of the infantry are hereby required to meet at the place of holding their battalion musters at eleven o’clock on the day preceding said muster, armed with a rifle, musket, or shot gun and dress...

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1814 Miss. Laws 16, An Act To Authorize The Governor Of Mississippi Territory, To Accept Of The Services Of Citizens Exempted From Militia Duty, § 2

| | 1814

Immediately on the governor’s acceptance of any number of volunteers, by virtue of this act, each private shall proceed to provide himself with a good rifle, musket or shot gun with four flints, twenty rounds of powder, ball, or buckshot, best su...

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1804 La. Acts 284, An Act for Regulating and Governing the Militia of the Territory of New Orleans, § 13.

| | 1804

. . . each non-commissioned officer and private of the infantry, shall constantly keep himself provided with good musket or guns, a sufficient bayonet and belt, two spare flints and a knapsack, a cartridge box or pouch, with box therein to contain not ...

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1799 Ky. Acts 7, An Act to Amend an Act Entitled “An Act Concerning the Militia,” ch. 1, §§ 1-3.

| | 1799

§ 1. . . . [T]he brigadier generals shall attend each regimental muster within their brigades to view the same; it shall be the duty of the brigade major, attended by the commandant of the regimnt, to inspect the same at every muster. § 2. Al...

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1799 Conn Acts 511, An Act For The Militia, § 4

| | 1799

That the Fines and Penalties incurred for Non-appearance and deficiencies of Arms, Ammunition and Accoutrements shall in future be as follows. Each non-commissioned Officer, Drummer, Fifer or Trumpeter who shall neglect to appear at the Time and Place ...

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1795 N.H. Laws 525, An Act in Addition to an Act, Entitled, “An Act for Regulating the Militia within this State.”

| | 1795

[E]very free, able bodied, white male citizen of this state, resident therein, who is, or shall be of the age of sixteen years and under forty years of age, under such exceptions as are made in said act, shall be enrolled in the militia, and shall in a...

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1794 R.I. Pub. Laws 21, An Act To Organize The Militia Of This State, § 10

| | 1794

§ 10. And it is further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That every Corporal who shall neglect to warn the Men to appear at every Rendezvous mentioned in this Act, when thereunto required as aforesaid without sufficient excuse, shall forfeit th...

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1791 S.C. Acts 16, An Act To Amend And More Effectually Put In Force For The Time Therein Limited, The Act Entitled An Act For The Regulation Of The Militia Of This State . . .

| | 1791

. . . And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That every free man of this state, liable to bear arms in any of the regiments, battalions or companies of foot in this state and who shall appear at any such regiment or battalion muster or a...

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1786 N.H. Laws 409-10, An Act for Forming and Regulating the Militia within this State, and for Repealing All the Laws Heretofore Made for that Purpose, § 7.

| | 1786

[E]very non-commissioned officer and soldier, both in the alarm list and training band, shall be provided, and have constantly in readiness, a good musket, and a bayonet fitted thereto, with a good scabbard and belt, a worm, priming-wire and brush, a c...

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1786 N.C. Sess. Laws 407, An Act for Raising Troops for the Protection of the Inhabitants of Davidson County, ch. 1, § 5.

| | 1786

That every able bodied man who shall be enlisted into the said service, and shall furnish himself with one good rifled or smooth bored gun fit for service, one good picker, shot-bag and powder-horn, twelve good flints, one pound of good powder, and two...

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