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Subject: Sensitive Places and Times

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Shooting, Trespassing, etc., in Cemeteries–Penalty, Bloomington, IL (1850-1876)*

, | | 1876

"§10. Whoever, within the City Cemetery, or any other cemetery or burying ground within said city, shall discharge any firearm, or be found hunting or trespassing upon the same, or shall trespass upon any grave within said city, or shall refuse to obe...

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An Act to Prevent the Carrying of Weapons in Public Assemblies of the People, and to Repeal “An Act to Prevent the Carrying [of]* Concealed Weapons,” § 1 (1875).

, | | 1874

"Sec. 1. Whoever shall, in this state, go into any church or place where people have assembled for religious worship, or into any school room, or into any place where people be assembled for educational, literary or social purposes, or to any election ...

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An Act to Prevent the Killing of Deer out of Season, and Against Carrying of Guns and Hunting by Persons not Qualified (1722)

| | 1722

"Provided always, That nothing contained in this Act shall be deemed or construed to hinder any Person from killing any Kind of Deer, within his Feild where Corn is Growing, at any Time in the Month of January, nor to extend to any Free Native Indians ...

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An Ordinance Respecting Public Balls, New Orleans, LA (Passed 27 Oct. 1817)

| | 1817

"Art. 1. It shall not be lawful for any person to enter into a public ball-room with any cane, stick, sword or any other weapon, and every person having either a cane, stick, sword or any other weapon, shall, before he enter the ball-room, deposite the...

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The Baltimore City Code: Comprising the Statutes and Ordinances Relating to the City of Baltimore, at 171 – Art. XVI, Section 27 (1869)

, | | 1869

27.  If the said board of police shall have reason to believe that in the neighborhood of any election polls in the said city or elsewhere, within any election precinct of the same, there is any depot or collection of fire arms or other weapons or amm...

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Article XLIII. Parks and Public Grounds, The Municipal Code of Chicago (1881)

, | | 1881

Article XLIII. Parks and Public Grounds.

1690. All persons are forbidden to carry firearms or to throw stones or other missiles within any one of the public parks.  All persons are forbidden to cut, break or in any way injure or defa...

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Laws of Illinois College, 1850, in Transactions of the Illinois State Historical Society for the Year 1906, at 245

| , | 1850

Chapter XII. Of Crimes and Immoralities. 

Sec. 5. No student shall carry deadly weapons upon his person, on penalty of admonition, dismission or expulsion, according to the aggravation of the offense. 

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Law of the University of Nashville for the moral conduct of the students, in American Annals of Education and Instruction for the Year 1837, at 185 (1837)

| , | 1837

No student shall bring, or cause to be brought into College, or, on any occasion, keep in his room, any spirituous or fermented liquors; nor any fire-arms or ammunition of any kind; nor a sword, dirk, sword-cane or any deadly weapon whatever, upon pena...

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Laws of Waterville College, Maine (1832)

| | 1832

CHAPTER VI. Moral Deportment and Miscellaneous Regulations.

6. No Student shall keep firearms, or any deadly weapon whatever. He shall bring no gunpowder upon the College premises; nor shall cats or dogs be kept by Students for their p...

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Constitution & Laws of the Institution of Learning Under the Care of the Mississippi Presbytery, Oakland College (Miss.), at 10 (1831)

, | , | 1831

Chapter XI. Of Misdemeanors, Offences and Punishments. 

Sec. 1. Neglect of study-interrupting the studies of others-profaneness-playing at games of cards or chance-duelling, or aiding or abetting it-wearing or carrying a dirk or other...

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Laws and Regulations of the College of William and Mary, Volume 276 (1830)

, | , | 1830

Regulations of the Society.

29. Students are strictly forbidden to keep, or to have about their person, any dirk, sword or pistol. Firing squibs or crackers in and about College or elsewhere is also strictly forbidden.

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The statutes of Dickinson College, as revised and adopted by the Board of Trustees, April 16, 1830, 22-23

| , | 1830

Chapter VI. Of the deportment of the students, of misdemeanors and their punishment

Section 1. . . . 12.--If any student shall keep for his use or pleasure any riding beast, dog, gun, fire arms or ammunition, sword-dirk, sword-cane, o...

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Franklin Bowditch Dexter, Biographical Sketches of the Graduates of Yale College: May 1745-May 1763, Annals, at 8 (1745)

, , | , | 1745

14. If any Scholar Shall keep a Gun or Pistol, or Fire one in the College-Yard or College, or Shall Go a Gunning, Fishing, or Sailing, or Shall Go more than Two Miles from College upon any Occasion whatsoever : or Shall be Present at any Court, Electio...

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A Copy of the Laws of Harvard College, 1655, at 10

| , | 1655

Thirdly concerneing penall lawes. . . .

8. No undergraduate shall buy, sell, barter, or exchange books, apparrell or any thing of considerable value ; but by the leave of the President or his Tutor, Guardian or Parent, or If he shall sell or pa...

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Acts of the General Assembly and Ordinances of the Trustees, for the Organization and Government of the University of North Carolina, Laws for the Government of the University, at 15 Chapter V (1838)

, | , | 1838

CHAPTER V. Of the Moral and Religious conduct of the Students, and their conduct towards the Faculty. . . .

13. No Student shall keep a dog, or fire arms, or gunpowder. He shall not carry, keep, or own at the College, a sword, dirk, sword-cane,...

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University of Virginia Board of Visitors Minutes, 6-7 (October 4–5, 1824)

| , | 1824

No Student shall, within the precincts of the University, introduce, keep or use any spirituous or vinous liquors, keep or use weapons or arms of any kind, or gunpowder, keep a servant, horse or dog, appear in school with a stick, or any weapon, nor, ...

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The Minutes of the Senatus Academicus of the State of Georgia, 1799–1842, at 86 (1810)

| , | 1810

And be it further ordained that no student shall be allowed to keep any gun, pistol, Dagger, Dirk sword cane or any other offensive weapon in College or elsewhere, neither shall they or either of them be allowed to be possessed of the same out of the c...

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1903 Mont. Laws 49, § 3

| | 1903

Section 3. If any person shall go into an church or religions assembly, any school room or other place where persons are assembled for amusement or for educational or scientific purposes, or into any circus, show, or public exhibition of any kind, or i...

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R.H. Thompson, The Annotated Code of the General Statute Laws of the State of Mississippi 327, § 1030 (1892)

| | 1892

1030 (2988). The same; college students not to have, etc.-A student of any university, college, or school, who shall carry, bring, receive, own, or have on the campus, college or school grounds, or within two miles thereof, any weapon the carrying of w...

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Del. Const. of 1776, art. XXVIII

| | 1776

28. To prevent any violence or force being used at the said elections, no persons shall come armed to any of them; and no muster of the militia shall be made on that day, nor shall any battalion or company give in their votes immediately succeeding eac...

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R. H. Clark, The Code of the State of Georgia (1873) § 4528 – Deadly weapons not to be carried in public places

, | | 1873

No person in this State is permitted or allowed to carry about his or her person, any dirk, bowie knife, pistol or revolver, or any kind of deadly weapon, to any Court of justice, or any election ground, or precinct, or any place of public worship, or ...

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Act of Mar. 18, 1889, no. 13, §§ 1-9, Ariz. Sess. Laws 30, 30-31 (1889 The Courier).

, , , | | 1889

No. 13. AN ACT

Defining and Punishing Certain Offenses Against the Public Peace.
Be it Enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory...

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An Act Defining Crime and Punishments, Ch. 49, Sec. 72, in Revised Statutes of the Territory of Iowa (Reprint 1911)

, | | 1843

SEC. 72. If any person shall aid or assist a prisoner, lawfully committed or detained in any jail, for any offense against this territory, or who shall be lawfully confined by virue of any civil process, to make his or her escape from jail, though no e...

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