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Subject: Transportation

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1899 Tenn. Session Laws 780

, | | 1899

Provided however, That it shall be lawful for any person to hunt quail or partridges in said counties with a gun, between the first day of November and the first day of January of each year. But it is further provided, that it shall not be lawful to hu...

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Kentucky Statutes Containing All General Laws including Those Passed at Session of 1898, p. 547 Sec. 1259

, | | 1898

Hunting or fishing on another's land. Any person who shall enter upon the inclosed lands of another for the purpose of shooting, hunting, or fishing, without the consent of the owner or occupant of said lands, shall be fined not less than five nor more...

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Act of Feb. 16, 1875,1874-75 Ark. Acts 156.

, | | 1875 Sec. 1. That any person who shall wear or carry any pistol of any kind whatever, or any dirk, butcher or bowie knife, or a sword or a spear in a cane, brass or metal knucks, or razor, as a weapon, shall be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon convic...

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Act of Feb. 20, 1901, ch. 435, §1, 1901 S.C. Acts 748

, | | 1901 Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina: That from and after the first day of July 1902 it shall be unlawful for any one to carry about the person whether concealed or not any pistol less than 20 inches long and 3 poun...

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Act of Mar. 18, 1889, 1889 Ariz. Sess. Laws 16–17

, , | | 1889

Sec. 1. If any person within any settlement, town, village or city within the Territory shall carry on or about his person, saddle, or in his saddlebags, any pistol, dirk, dagger, slung shot, sword cane, spear, brass knuckles, bowie knife, or any other...

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An Act to Prohibit the Unlawful Carrying and Use of Deadly Weapons, Feb. 18, 1887, reprinted in Acts of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of New Mexico, Twenty-Seventh Session 55, 58 (1887).

, , , , | | 1887 Sec. 1. That any person who shall hereafter carry a deadly weapon, either concealed or otherwise, on or about the settlements of this territory, except it be in his or her residence, or on his or her landed estate, and in the lawful defense of his or her ...

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An Act Defining Crime and Punishments, Ch. 49, Sec. 72, in Revised Statutes of the Territory of Iowa (Reprint 1911)

, | | 1843

SEC. 72. If any person shall aid or assist a prisoner, lawfully committed or detained in any jail, for any offense against this territory, or who shall be lawfully confined by virue of any civil process, to make his or her escape from jail, though no e...

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1933 Haw. Sess. Laws 38, An Act Regulating the Sale, Transfer, and Possession of Firearms and Ammunition, § 6.

, , , | | 1933

The possession of all firearms and ammunition shall be confined to the possessor's place of business, residence, or sojourn, or to carriage as merchandise in a wrapper from the place of purchase to the purchaser's home, place of business or place of so...

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Frederick Charles Brightly, Brightly’s Annual Digest for 1873 to 1878. Annual Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania for the Years 1873 to 1878 Together with Some laws of Older Date Inadvertently Omitted in Purdon’s Digest Completing Brightly Purdon’s Digest to the Present Date Page 1835, Image 65 (1878) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

| | 1874

[Digested Laws 1873-78,] Common Carriers, 1. Carriers of explosive materials regulated. Penalties. 2. Power to open packages. Removal and sale. § 1. If any person shall knowingly deliver, or cause to be delivered to any canal, railroad, steamboat ...

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Mercer Beasley, Revision of the Statutes of New Jersey: Published under the Authority of the Legislature; by Virtue of an Act Approved April 4, 1871 Page 263, Image 309 (1877) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

| | 1874

Crimes, An Act Relating to the Transportation of Explosive and Dangerous Material, § 1. That if any person shall deliver, or cause to be delivered, to any canal, railroad, steamboat, or other transportation company, or to any persons, firm, or cor...

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Proceedings of the Conventions of the Province of Maryland Held at the City of Annapolis, in 1774, 1775, & 1776 Page 147, Image 147 (1836) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

| | 1776

[1776 Md. Laws 146.Resolved, that no muskets or rifles, except by the owner thereof on his removal to reside out of this province, or any gun barrels, gun locks, or bayonets, be carried out of his province, without the leave of the council of safety fo...

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Laws, Statutes, Ordinances and Constitutions, Ordained, Made and Established, by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty, of the City of New York, Convened in Common-Council, for the Good Rule and Government of the Inhabitants and Residents of the Said City Page 20, Image 21 (1763) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

| | 1763

§ XVI. And whereas the present store-keeper of the magazine with the consent of the corporation, for the more safe conveying of gun-powder to and from the said magazine, hath provided leather bags, or covers, in order to cover all casks of gun pow...

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