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Year: 1650-1699

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1657, Va. Acts 434, Acts of March 13th 1657-8, Act III, The Sabbath to Be Kept Holy

| | 1657

That the Lord’s day be kept holy, and that no journeys be made except in case of emergent necessity on that day, that no goods be laden in boats nor shooting in guns . . . the party delinquent to pay one hundred pounds of tobacco or laid in the stock...

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1656 N.Y. Laws 235, Ordinance Of The Director And Council Of New Netherland Renewing The Ordinances For The Formation Of Villages, And Against Admitting Armed Indians Into Cities, Villages And Houses

| | 1656

. . . further, in order to prevent such dangers of isolated murders and assassinations, the Director General and Council, with the advice of the Burgomasters of this city, cannot for the present devise any better or other expedient than already stated,...

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1655 Va. Acts 401, Acts of March 10, 1655, Act XII

| | 1655

What persons or persons soever shall, after publication hereof, shoot any guns at drinking (marriages and funerals only excepted) that such person or persons so offending shall forfeit 100 lb. of tobacco to be levied by distress in case of refusal and ...

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1652 N.Y. Laws 138, Ordinance Of The Director And Council Of New Netherland Against Firing At Partridges Or Other Game Within The Limits Of New Amsterdam

| | 1652

. . . the Hon. Director General and Council, in order to prevent accidents, expressly forbid and interdict all person henceforward firing within the jurisdiction of this city or about the Fort, with any guns at Partridges or other Game that may by chan...

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Laws And Ordinances Of New Netherland 1638-1674 Page 138, image 170 (1868) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

| | 1652

[Ordinances of New Amsterdam,] Ordinance of the Director and Council of New Netherland against Firing at Partridges or other Game within the Limits of New Amsterdam. Whereas, many guns are daily discharged and fired at Partridges and other game within ...

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1651 Va. Acts 365, Articles At The Surrender Of The Country, art. 13

| | 1651

Articles Agreed On And Concluded At James City In Virginia For The Surrendering And Settling Of That Plantation Under The Obedience And Government Of The Commonwealth Of England . . . Art. 13: That all ammunition, powder and arms, other than for privat...

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