Charter To William Penn, And Laws Of The Province Of Pennsylvania, Passed Between The Years 1682 And 1700 Page 32, Image 37 (1879) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Laws of the Duke of York, Indians (1676). No person shall sell give or barter directly or indirectly any gun or guns powder, bullet, shot, lead nor any vessel of burthen, or row boat canoes only excepted without license first had and obtained under the Governor’s hand and Seal, to any Indian whatsoever, nor to any person inhabiting out of this government nor shall amend or repair any gun belonging to any Indian, nor shall sell any armor or weapons, upon penalty of ten pounds for every gun, armor, weapons, vessel or boat, so sold given or bartered, five pounds for every pound of shot or lead and proportionally for any greater or lesser quantity.

Records Of The Colony Of New Plymouth In New England Page 173, Image 179 (1856) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Laws of the Colony of New Plymouth (1675). Forasmuch as by frequent and sad experience it is found, that selling etc., of arms and ammunition to the Indians is very poisonous and destructive to the English, it is therefore ordered, decreed, and enacted by the council of war for this jurisdiction, that whosoever shall be found to sell, barter, or give, directly or indirectly, any gun or guns, or ammunition of any kind to any Indian or Indians, and the same legally proved against them, every such person or persons shall be put to death, and in defect of full and legal proof there, the printed law to take place.