1713 An Act To Prohibit Shooting Or Firing Off Guns Near The Road Or Highway On Boston Neck.

That no person or persons, from and after the publication of this Act, may presume to discharge or fire off any gun upon Boston Neck within ten rods of the road or highway leading over the same, on pain of forfeiting and paying the sum of twenty shillings . . . And for the better conviction of persons offending against this Act, it shall be lawful, to and for any Free-holder, to arrest and take into custody any gun so fired off, and render the same to one of the next Justices in Boston, in order to its being produced at the time of trial.

Pennsylvania Archives. Selected And Arranged From Original Documents In The Office Of The Secretary Of The Commonwealth, Conformably To Acts Of The General Assembly, February 15, 1851, & March 1, 1852 Page 160, Image 162 (1852) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Pennsylvania Archives 1713, The Act for the Better Government of the City of Philadelphia (1713), This Act inflicts 5s penalty on persons riding a gallop and 10s for persons trotting, with Drays or their Teams in the streets, and 5th for suffering a Dog or a Bitch going at large; or firing a Gun without license, or if a Negro be found in any disorderly practices or other Misbehaviors may be whipped 21 lashes for any one offence or committed to prison, which words “other misbehaviors,” are very uncertain and give very arbitrary power where the punishment is great. [(Summary of Statute from Archive compilation)].