1715 Mass. Acts 311, An Act in Addition to an Act for Erecting of a Powder-house In Boston.

…That, from and after the publication hereof, any person within the town of Boston, that shall presume to keep, in his house or Warehouse, any powder, above what is by law allowed, shall forfeit and pay, for every half-barrel, the sum of five pounds . . . That any person or persons whosoever, that shall throw any squibs, serpents, or rockets, or perform any other fireworks within the streets, . . (shall be fined).

1715 Md. Laws 117, An Act For The Speedy Trial Of Criminals, And Ascertaining Their Punishment In The County Courts When Prosecuted There, And For Payment Of Fees Due From Criminal Persons, chap. 26, § 32

That no negro or other slave within this province shall be permitted to carry any gun, or any other offensive weapon, from off their master’s land, without licence from their said master; and if any negro or other slave shall presume so to do, he shall be liable to be carried before a justice of peace, and be whipped, and his gun or other offensive weapon shall be forfeited to him that shall seize the same and carry such negro so offending before a justice of peace.

1715 Md. Laws 90, An Act for the speedy trial of criminals, and ascertaining their punishment in the county courts when prosecuted there, and for payment of fees due from criminal persons, chap. 26, § 7

And, to prevent the abusing, hurting or worrying of any stock of hogs, cattle or horses, with dogs, or otherwise, Be It Enacted, That if any person or persons whatsoever, that have been convicted of any of the crimes aforesaid, or other crimes, or that shall be of evil fame, or a vagrant, or dissolute liver, that shall shoot, kill or hunt, or be seen to carry a gun, upon any person’s land, whereon there shall be a seated plantation, without the owner’s leave, having been once before warned, shall forfeit and pay one thousand pounds of tobacco…