AN ACT to organize, discipline, and govern the militia of this territory, Ch. 96, Sec. 11, in Revised Statutes of the Territory of Iowa (Reprint 1911).

SEC. 11. That it shall be the duty of every non-commissioned officer and pri-vate, who owns a rifle, musket, or firelock, to appear with it in good order at every parade.

1839 Ky. Acts 246, An Act to Amend the Several Acts Concerning the Towns of Paris and Elizabethtown, chap. 1279, § 8.

They shall have power to ordain a penalty on persons who shall be guilty of running horses within the limits of said town, blowing horns, or crying aloud, in such manner as to disturb the peace and quiet of the town, or the shooting a gun, or pistol in said town, any sum not exceeding twenty dollars. . .

1839 Tex. Gen. Laws 214, An Act To Incorporate The City Of Austin, § 7

That the Mayor and Counsel shall have full power and authority … to prevent gunpowder being stored within the city and suburbs in such quantities as to endanger the public safety. . .

1839 Tex. Gen. Laws 172, An Act Concerning Slaves, § 6

That no slave in this republic shall carry a gun or other deadly weapon without the written consent of his master, mistress or overseer; such arms or other weapons shall be liable to be taken by any person from any such negro, and all such property forfeited, if it does not exceed ten dollars in value; but any such property may be reclaimed by the owner on paying ten dollars to the person who may have so taken the same.

1839 Ala. Acts 67, An Act to Suppress the Evil Practice of Carrying Weapons Secretly, § 1

That if any person shall carry concealed about his person any species of fire arms, or any bowie knife, Arkansas tooth-pick, or any other knife of the like kind, dirk, or any other deadly weapon, the person so offending shall, on conviction thereof, before any court having competent jurisdiction, pay a fine not less than fifty, nor more than five hundred dollars, to be assessed by the jury trying the case; and be imprisoned for a term not exceeding three months, at the discretion of the Judge of said court.