The Charter of Oregon City, Oregon, Together with the Ordinances and Rules of Order Page 259, Image 261 (1898) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

An Ordinance Providing for the Punishment of Disorderly Persons, and Keepers and Owners of Disorderly Houses, § 2. It shall be unlawful for any person to carry any sling shot, billy, dirk, pistol or any concealed deadly weapon or to discharge any firearms, air gun, sparrow gun, flipper or bean shooter within the corporate limits of the city, unless in self-defense, in protection of property or an officer in the discharge of his duty; provided, however, permission may be granted by the mayor to any person to carry a pistol or revolver when upon proper representation it appears to him necessary or prudent to grant such permission.

Revised Ordinances of the City of Woburn. Revised Woburn, Massachusetts Page 91 Image 91 (1898) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

License to Sell Gunpowder in the City of Woburn. No person shall sell any gunpowder within the city, without such license. Every license shall be in force one year from the date thereof; provided, that any license may be rescinded by the City Council, at their discretion. § 3. Every person so licensed shall keep a sign over and outside of the principal entrance from the street of the building in which the powder is kept, in which shall be printed in capitals the words: “License to keep and sell gunpowder” § 4. The city clerk shall keep a record of all licenses, and of the places designated therein, which places shall not be changed, unless by consent of the City Council, in writing. Every person who receives a license shall sign his name to a copy of the rules prescribed in this chapter, as evidence of his assent thereto. §5. The provisions of the foregoing four sections shall not apply or extend to the keeping or storing of metallic cartridges in fire proof magazines, nor to cartridge manufacturers, so long as they shall keep their powder in canisters, as prescribed in section one, and in fire proof magazines, located and built to the satisfaction of the City Council so long as such manufacturers allow no more than one hundred pounds of gunpowder in any magazine, or five pounds of gunpowder not made into cartrdiges, in any workshop at any one time.

1899 Ala. Acts 154, An Act For The Better Protection Of Passengers On Railway Trains In This State, § 1.

That it shall be unlawful for any person to discharge any gun, pistol, or other firearm, except in self defense, while on a passenger train in this State; or to recklessly handle any firearm or other weapon in the presence of any other person or persons on any train carrying passengers in this State.

1898 Ala. Acts 190, An Act To Amend The Revenue Laws Of The State Of Alabama, pt. 66-67.

66th. For dealers in pistol, bowie or dirk knives, whether principal stock in trade or not, one hundred dollars. 67th. For wholesale dealers in pistol or rifle cartridges in towns or cities of twenty thousand or more inhabitants, ten dollars. In all other places, five dollars: Provided, That the wholesale dealers license shall entitle them to sell at retail.

1898 Miss. Laws 22, An Act Creating Privilege Taxes On Certain Industries In Mississippi, ch. 5, § 63.

Pistol Cartridges: On each firm or dealer in pisol cartridges, capable of being fired in pistols or out of shells, for the manufacture of same – 5.00.

1893 Fla. Laws 71-72, An Act to Regulate the Carrying of Firearms, chap. 4147, §§ 1-4.

§ 1. That in each and every county of this State, it shall be unlawful to carry or own a Winchester or other repeating rifle or without first taking out a license from the County Commissioner of the respective counties, before such persons shall be at liberty to carry around with him on his person and in his manual possession such Winchester rifle or other repeating rifle. § 2. The County Commissioners of the respective counties in this State may grant such licenses at any regular or special meeting. § 3. The person taking out such license shall give a bond running to the Governor of the State in the sum of one hundred dollars, conditioned on the proper and legitimate use of the gun with sureties to be approved by the County Commissioners, and at the same time there shall by kept by the County Commissioners granting the same a record of the name of the person taking out such license, the name of the maker of the firearm so licensed to be carried and the caliber and number of the same. § 4. All persons violating the provisions of Section 1 of this Act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be fined not exceeding one hundred dollars or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding sixty days.

1898 Ga. Laws 107-08, An Act to Make it Unlawful for any Person to Wilfully and Wantonly Fire Off or Discharge any Loaded Gun or Pistol on Sunday, Except in Defense of Person or Property, § 1.

. . . it shall be unlawful for any person to wilfully or wantonly fire off or discharge any loaded gun or pistol on Sunday, except in defense of person or property.

The Laws of Texas 1822-1897. Austin’s Colonization Law and Contract; Mexican Constitution of 1824; Federal Colonization Law; Colonization Laws of Coahuila and Texas; Colonization Law of State of Tamaulipas; Fredonian Declaration of Indpendence; Laws and Decrees, with Constitution of Coahuila and Texas; San Felipe Convention; Journals of the Consultation; Proceedings of the General Council; Goliad Declaration of Independence; Journals of the Convention at Washington; Ordinances and Decrees of the Consultation; Declaration of Independence; Constitution of the Republic; Laws, General and Special, of the Republic; Annexation Resolution of the United States; Ratification of the Same by Texas; Constitution of the United States; Constitutions of the State of Texas, with All the Laws, General and Special, Passed Thereunder, Including Ordinances, Decrees, and Resolutions, with the Constitution of the Confederate States and the Reconstruction Acts of Congress Page 234-235, Image 734-735 (Vol. 6, 1898) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

[An Act to Incorporate the Town of Round Top, County of Fayette, . . . Article Tenth. That from and after the passage of this act it shall be unlawful to fire any pistol, rifle, shot gun, or other kind of fire-arms, within the limits of the town of Round Top, and any person violating this act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be fined not less than five nor more than twenty-five dollars, to be collected by the mayor of the town; but this act shall not prevent any gunsmith, within the limits of the town, from discharging on the premises thereof, fire-arms made or repaired in his shop, for the purpose of training such fire-arms; provided, that none but gunsmiths shall have the privilege of being authorized to discharge fire-arms; and for that purpose each gunsmith shall build a rock wall, in front of which he shall cause a target to be placed, The mayor shall issue a permit to any gunsmith applying for the same, for the period of one year, which permit may be renewed after its expiration.]

Rules, By-Laws and Ordinances of the Village of Wappingers Falls. Adopted September 13, 1898 Page 34, Image 32.(Wappingers Falls, 1898) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources..

Ordinances of Wappinger Falls. Park Ordinances. § 1. No person or persons shall fire or discharge any gun or pistol or other firearm, or any rocket torpedo, or other fireworks of any description, nor send up any balloon, nor throw stones or missiles, nor play ball within the limits of Mesier Park, without the permission obtained of the Park Commissioners at a meeting of the Board.