1904 Mass. Acts 310-11, An Act to Authorize the Fire Marshal’s Department of the District Police to Make Regulations Relative to Explosives and Inflammable Fluids, ch. 370, §§ 1-2

§ 1. The powers conferred on city councils of cities and selectmen of towns by chapter one hundred and two of the Revised Laws, to regulate the keeping, storage, use, manufacture or sale of gunpowder, dynamite or other explosives and inflammable fluids, shall hereafter be exercised by the fire marshal’s department of the district police. § 2. The fire marshal’s department of the district police may make regulations for the keeping, storage, use, manufacture or sale of gunpowder, dynamite or other explosives, crude petroleum or any of its products, or other inflammable fluids; and may prescribe the materials and construction of buildings to be used for any of the said purposes.

1903-1904 N.J. Laws 178, A Further Supplement to an Act Entitled “An Act Concerning Disorderly Persons,” ch. 68, § 1.

Any person trespassing upon any marsh, swamp or meadow grounds lying within the bounds of any meadow bank company, organized or to be organized under the provisions of the act . . . where the owners and possessors of the said marsh, swamp or meadow lands, lying within the bounds of such meadow bank company, have caused or permitted or suffered, or shall hereafter cause or permit or suffer the same to be subjected to the overflowing of the tide, carrying a gun, after public notice on the part of the owner, possessor, lessee or licensee of any such marsh, swamp or meadow grounds subjected to the overflowing of the tide, forbidding such trespassing, such notice being posted conspicuously adjacent to the highway binding on such lands or adjacent to any usual entrance-way to said land, shall be deemed and adjudged to be a disorderly person.

1904 Ky. Acts 150-51, An Act Creating the Offices of Fish and Game Wardens and Defining the Powers and Duties and Fixing the Compensation of such Officers, and for the Further Protection and Preservation of Fish, Game and Birds in the State of Kentucky, ch. 68, § 3.

Game wardens . . . may arrest on sight and without warrant any person detected by them in the act of violating any such law; they shall have the same right as sheriffs to require aid in executing any process or in arresting without process any person found by them in the act of violating any of said laws; and they shall have authority to seize without process; and birds, fish or game then found in the possession of any such person, together with the guns, nets, seines, traps or other devices, with which the same were taken or killed, and destroy or confiscate such guns, nets, seines, traps or other devices, and forthwith convey such offender before a court or magistrate . . . .

1904 La. Acts 20, § 5.

That all forfeitures and fines be imposed by the Board of Fire Commissioners, from time to time, upon any member or members of the fire department force by way of discipline, shall be paid into said pension and relief fund. That all fines imposed by the courts for infractions of City ordinances relative to fire escape, fire wells and hydrants, open hatches, oils, gunpowder, right of way of the fire apparatus through the streets, and all other laws relative to the fire department, be paid over by the City Treasurer to said pension and relief fund.

1904 Md. Laws 295, An Act to Prohibit all Persons Under Fifteen Years of Age from Carrying or Having in Their Possession Firearms of any Description Within the Limits of Garrett County, ch. 177, §§ 1-2

§ 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That it shall be unlawful for all persons under the age of fifteen years to carry or have in his or her possession any shot gun, rifle, revolver or other firearm of any description within the limits of Garrett County. § 2. And be it enacted, That any person convicted of violating this Act before any court of competent jurisdiction shall be fined not less than five dollars nor more than twenty dollars, or be imprisoned in the county jail for not less than ten nor more than thirty days for each and every offense.

1904 Ohio Laws 471, An Act Creating a Fish and Game Commission, Prescribing Its Duties and Powers; to Provide for the Protection, Preservation and Propogation of Fish and Game in the State of Ohio and in and on the Waters Thereof and for the Enforcement of the Provisions of this Act and to Prescribe Penalties for Violations Thereof, §15.

No person shall hunt or shoot, or have in the open air for such purposes, any implements for hunting or shooting on any Sunday.

1904 Md. Laws 772, An Act to Add an Additional Section to Article 27 of the Code of Public General Laws of the STate of Maryalnd, title “Crimes and Punishments,” sub-title “Distrubance of Public Peace,” to be known as Section 67A, ch. 447,§ 67A.

It shall be unlawful for any person or persons, body politic or corporate, or other form or association, to practice shooting at any mark, board, sign, tree, bank, or other object with any gun, rifle, cannon, mortar, pistol or other firearm within the limits of this State, whether on land or water, for military drill, amusement or skill, without first obtaining in writing the consent to so use any such firearms of all freeholders, tenants or occupants of real estate residing within the carrying capacity of such firearm, and secondly, without first obtaining leave of the Commissioners of the county within which said shooting is proposed to be carried on, and the petition to said County Commissioners for such leave shall be accompanied with the written consent of each and every of such freeholder, tenant, . . . and the Board of County Commissioners aforesaid shall in no case grant such leave to practice with firearms if in their opinion the use of the public highways or streets of any real estate sub-division be endangered by the use of such firearms . . .