1908 (January Session) R.I. Pub. Laws 145, An Act in Amendment of section 23 of chapter 283 of the General Laws

§ 23. No person shall wear or carry in this state any dirk, dagger, razor, sword-in-cane, bowie knife, butcher knife, or knife of any description having a blade of more than three inches in length, measuring from the end of the handle, where the blade is attached to the end of said blade, any air gun, billy, brass or metal knuckles, slung-shot, pistol or firearms of any description, or other weapons of like kind and description, concealed upon his person: Provided, that officers or watchmen whose duties require them to arrest or to keep and guard prisoners or property, together with the persons summoned by such officers to aid them in the discharge of such duties, while actually engaged in such duties, are exempted from the provision of this and the two other following sections.

1908 Vermont Session Laws 132, § 1.

No person shall at any time hunt, shoot, pursue, take or kill any of the wild animals, wild fowl or birds of this state, nor use a gun for hunting the same, without having first procured a license therefor as hereinafter provided, and then only during the respective periods of the year when it shall be lawful, and subject to all the provisions of chapter 220 of the Public Statutes. . .

1908 Ill. Laws 40-41, Regulate Storage of Combustibles–Fireworks, ¶1334, pt. 65.

To regulate and prevent storage of gunpowder, tar, pitch, resin, coal oil, benzine, turpentine, hemp, cotton, nitro-glycerine, petroleum, or any of the products thereof, and other combustible or explosive material, and the use of lights in stables, shops and other places, and the building of bon-fires; also to regulate and restrain the use of fireworks, fire crackers, torpedoes, Roman Candles, sky rockets and other pyrotechnic displays.

1908 Md. Laws 79, § 32A

That any person who breaks and enters, either by day or by night, any building, whether inhabited or not, and opens or attempts to open any vault, safe or other secure place by the use of nitroglycerine, dynamite, gunpowder or other explosive, shall be deemed guilty of burglary with explosives.

1908 Md. Laws 416, § 116.

§ 116. It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot a gun, guns, or other firearms, from and off Eastern avenue bridge crossing Back river, in Baltimore county.

1908 La. Acts 405-06, An Act to Protect Game Birds. . . , § 7.

§ 7. Be it further enacted, etc., That it shall be unlawful to kill any of the birds named in this Act in the open season, noted herein by any means other than by ordinary gun capable of being held to and shot from the shoulder.

1908 Va. Laws 381, An Act To Amend And Re-Enact Section 3780 Of The Code In Relation To Carrying Concealed Weapons, § 3780

If any person carry about his person, hid from common observation, any pistol, dirk, bowie knife, razor, slungshot, or any weapon of like kind he shall be fined not less than twenty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, or be committed to jail not more than thirty days, or both, in the discretion of the court, or jury, trying the case: and such pistol, dirk, bowie knife, razor, slungshot, or any weapon of like kind, shall be forfeited to the Commonwealth and may be seized by an officer as forfeited. Upon conviction of the offender the said weapon shall be sold by the officer and the proceeds accounted for and paid over as provided in section twenty-one hundred and ninety; provided, that this section shall not apply to any police officer, town or city sergeant, constable, sheriff, conservator of the peace, collecting officer while in the discharge of his official duty: provided the judge of any circuit or hustings court in term time, upon a written application and satisfactory proof of the good character and necessity of the applicant to carry concealed weapon may grant such permission for one year; the order making same shall be entered in the order book of such court.

1908 Md. Laws 397, § 31.

It shall be unlawful for any person under the age of twenty-one years to fire a gun, cat rifle, pistol, or any explosive instrument of metal, within one mile in any direction of the Library Hall in Catonsville, Baltimore county; and any person under said age of twenty-one years, violating this section, shall upon conviction before the Circuit Court, or any justice of the peace for said county, be fined a sum not less than one dollar nor more than ten dollars, or be imprisoned in the county jail for not less than five days nor more than thirty days, or be both fined and imprisoned, in the discretion of the court or the justice of the peace.