1912 Vt. Acts and Resolves 306, An Act . . . Relating to Firearms, §§ 1-2.

§ 1. A person, other than a parent or guardian, who sells or furnishes to a minor under the age of sixteen years a firearm or other dangerous weapon, shall be fined not more than fifty dollars nor less than ten dollars. This section shall not apply to an instructor or teacher who furnishes military weapons to pupils for instruction and drill. § 2. A child under the age of sixteen years who, without the consent of his parent or guardian, has in his possession or control a pistol or revolver constructed or designed for the use of gunpowder or other explosive substance with leaden ball or shot shall be fined not more than twenty dollars.

1912 Ky. Acts 593, Regulate Storage of Explosives and Provide Against Fires, § 17.

To regulate the storage of gunpowder, rosin, tar, pitch, cotton, oil and all other explosives and combustible material, and to appoint some suitable person or persons, at seasonable times, to enter and examine such houses as they may designate, in order to ascertain whether any of such houses are in a dangerous condition with reference to fires, and to cause such as are in a dangerous condition to be immediately put in safe order and condition.

1912 Vt. Acts and Resolves 310, An Act to Prevent the Manufacture Sale or Use of Gun silencers, §1.

A person who manufactures, sells, or uses, or possesses with intent to sell or use, an appliance known as or used for a gun silencer shall be fined twenty-five dollars for each offense. This act shall not prevent the use or possession of gun silencers for military purposes when so used or possessed under proper military authority and restriction.

1912 Ariz. Sess. Laws 253, § 24.

It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot a rifle, revolver, or shotgun of any caliber or guage (gauge) upon, from, or across any public highway of the State of Arizona, where there is cultivated land or dwelling houses either side, thereof, or where shot from such gun shall fall in, or pass over any cultivated land or dwelling houses, or among stock, or other animals grazing on land contiguous to such public highway.

1912 Vt. Acts and Resolves 261

. . . and provided further that a person violating the prohibition against setting a spring gun or other device the object of which is to discharge a firearm shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars nor less than fifty dollars, and shall also be liable for twice the amount of the damage caused by his act to be recovered by the person sustaining the injury or loss, in an action on this section.

1912 La. Acts 505, Twenty-fifth.

To regulate the buying, caring, storing, selling and using of gun powder and fire crackers, and fireworks manufactured or prepared therefrom, and all other combustible or explosive substances, the exhibition of fireworks, the discharge of firearms and the lights, in barns, stables and other buildings, and restrain the making of bonfires at any place within the limits of the city.