1932 Del. Laws 771, An Act Prohibiting the Carrying of Gun While Training Dog or Dogs, ch. 225, § 1.

. . . [I]t shall be unlawful for any person to carry a gun while training dog or dogs in closed games season.

1932 La. Acts 337-38, An Act to Regulate the Sale, Possession and Transportation of Machine Guns, and Providing a Penalty for a Violation Hereof . . . , §§ 1–2.

§ 1. . . . for the purpose of this Act the term “machine gun” applies to and include all firearms commonly known as machine rifles, machine guns and sub-machine guns of any caliber whatsoever, capable of automatically discharging more than eight cartridges successively without reloading, in which the ammunition is fed to such gun from or by means of clips, disks, belts, or other separable mechanical device. § 2. It is unlawful for any person to sell, keep or offer for sale, loan or give away, purchase, possess, carry or transport any machine gun within this State, except that (exceptions for law enforcement, military, war relics, museums, guards, messengers) . . . .