Scholarship Highlight: Charleston Law Review Symposium on the Second Amendment

  • Date:
  • June 17th, 2019

By: Jacob Charles

In February, the Charleston Law Review hosted a symposium on “The Second Amendment 228 Years Later.” Papers from that symposium were just recently published to Westlaw. Unfortunately, I don’t see the articles publicly available for free, except for those on SSRN, but below I’ll post the citations for this interesting set of papers to come out of that Symposium.

  • Joseph Blocher, Darrell A.H. Miller, The Second Amendment As Positive Law: Law & Society Keynote Address 13 Charleston L. Rev. 103, 105 (2018)
  • Patrick J. Charles, The Second Amendment and the Basic Right to Transport Firearms for Lawful Purposes, 13 Charleston L. Rev. 125 (2018) – SSRN version
  • Stephen P. Halbrook, Taking Heller Seriously: Where Has the Roberts Court Been, and Where Is It Headed, on the Second Amendment?, 13 Charleston L. Rev. 175 (2018)
  • David B. Kopel & Joseph G.S. Greenlee, The “Sensitive Places” Doctrine: Locational Limits on the Right to Bear Arms, 13 Charleston L. Rev. 205 (2018) – SSRN version
  • Joyce Lee Malcolm, Defying the Supreme Court: Federal Courts and the Nullification of the Second Amendment, 13 Charleston L. Rev. 295 (2018)
  • Adam M. Samaha & Roy Germano, Judicial Ideology Emerges, at Last, in Second Amendment Cases, 13 Charleston L. Rev. 315 (2018) – SSRN version


With the Supreme Court poised to (probably) decide another Second Amendment case next term, we can expect another uptick in scholarship. As Joseph Blocher previously pointed out on this blog, there’s been a general increase in such scholarship since Heller, but we’ve reached a plateau that I’m sure will be disrupted in the wake of NYSRPA.

The Center will also be hosting our own symposium this fall, on Gun Rights and Regulation Outside the Home. It’s open to the public and will host a terrific lineup of accomplished scholars. Papers from that Symposium will be out in the spring from the fantastic Law & Contemporary Problems journal.