Duke Firearms Law Conferences

Since its inception in early 2019, the Center has held numerous conferences, symposia, workshops, colloquia, and other gatherings. Many of those events have generated articles published in law reviews, and others have led to essay collections that we have published on the Center’s blog, Second Thoughts. This page does not have every panel discussion the Center has hosted, but just the ones for which participants produced written products. Our Videos page has the recordings for all Center discussion panels and other events that were recorded, including those that did not produce writings.

Below are links to the presentations, articles, and blog posts that have arisen from these large Center-sponsored events.


May 23-24, 2024 – Sixth Annual Firearms Law Works-in-Progress Conference

August 2, 2024 – Historian Roundtable Discussion

October 25, 2024 – Symposium on Rahimi and the Future of Text, History, and Tradition

  • SMU Dedman School of Law, Dallas, TX

  • Co-sponsored with the SMU Law Review

  • More information to come


November 3, 2023 – Symposium: History, Tradition, and Analogical Reasoning (hosted with the Notre Dame Law Review)

Essays from Participants forthcoming. Videos by panel:

  • Panel 1 - Analogical Reasoning and Operationalizing the Historical Record

  • Panel 2 - The Challenges of Reasoning by Analogy to History

  • Panel 3 - Litigating Under Bruen

  • Panel 4 - Traditionalism and Historical Fluctuation

September 23, 2022 – Symposium: Gun Rights and Regulation after Bruen (hosted with the NYU Law Review)

Essays available here. Videos by panel:

  • Keynote discussion - Criminal Justice and Prosecutorial Discretion in the Wake of Bruen

  • Panel 2 - Bruen’s Methodology and Practical Consequences for Legislation and Criminal Law

  • Panel 3 - Sensitive Places and the Challenges of Applying Bruen in the Lower Courts

  • Panel 4 - After Bruen: Implications for Law Enforcement, Stare Decisis, and Supreme Court Legitimacy

library full of books with light grey busts of men

Keynote: A Discussion with U.S. Senator Chris Murphy About His New Book, “The Violence Inside Us”