Twitter Series: Historical Gun Law a Day

  • Date:
  • July 23, 2019

The Center’s Twitter account—@DukeFirearmsLaw—has been a way for us to get out information about the Center, interesting scholarship and cases, and news about this blog. And we’ve recently started amplifying laws from the Repository of Historical Gun Laws. Through our new hashtag #HistoricalGunLawADay series, we’ve been highlighting one new historical law every single day, showing the myriad ways that firearms have been regulated throughout Anglo-American history.

Some of these laws contain some comic relief, like the North Carolina one we spotlighted below:

Others illustrate with their specificity how pervasively gun-related activity has been regulated throughout history. This Brooklyn law typifies a transport law that formed part of a larger legal regime regulating firearms-related conduct:

The hashtag aims to underscore just how rich a resource the Repository is. It contains more than 1,500 historical laws, from medieval England all the way through 20th century America. Check out more about the Repository here, and be sure to follow the journey through #HistoricalGunLawADay on Twitter!