Announcing the Center’s Research Affiliate Program

  • Date:
  • August 29, 2019

We are extremely excited to announce the Research Affiliate Program (“RAP”), a new initiative of the Center for Firearms Law. The program is designed to support junior and aspiring scholars, including current graduate students, post-docs, visiting or adjunct faculty, and practitioners as they develop research and scholarship on firearms law. These nonresident affiliations are open to individuals studying firearms law, broadly defined, and working in the legal profession or in history, political science, public policy, or related fields.

Affiliates will receive a stipend to cover research-related costs, access to Duke resources, and connections with the Center’s network. During the initial phase, we expect to have 1-2 affiliates for a term of 9-12 months.

We start accepting applications Sunday, September 1st! You can find more information about the Center, the RAP, and how to apply here: