Covid & Guns Video Series Roundup

  • Date:
  • June 12th, 2020

By: Jacob Charles

Last month, in response to reporting on the increase in gun sales nationwide amid the coronarivus pandemic, we launched a video series called Covid & Guns. In the series, we talked with a wide range of experts, including lawyers, sociologists, policy gurus, empirical researchers, and physicians. Each brought a unique perspective to questions about the factors driving gun sales, the benefits and risks of guns in a crisis, and more. Unless anything changes, we've wrapped up the series for now and rounded up the 7 videos below. We're grateful for the terrific guests who joined us. You can always check out the Videos page on our website to see more.


David Kopel

Jeff Swanson

Trent Steidley

Jennifer Carlson

Jack Rozel & Layla Soliman

David Yamane

Phil Cook